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Page descriptions

Product Information:

Overview of features and architecture of Vaultspeed.


This page guides you through the application, explains how to use it and what you can do with it.

Cloud application:

These pages contain information about all the screens in the cloud application.

VS Agent:

This page explains what the agent is, what it is used for and how to install it.

Generated code:

This page contains information about the deployment of the generated code and how to install groovy for deployment to ODI.

Flow Management Control application:

This page describes what Flow management control is, how it works and how to install and use it.


This pages describes how to manage your user for the application. (WIP, for now contact us about adding/modifying users)


This page describes what Data Vault 2.0 is, what it does and why it should be used. (WIP)

Change log:

See which features/bug fixes are/will be added in our releases.


The exercise documentation for Vaultspeed training's and hands on sessions.

Loading procedures:

Describes how to run the generated code.